Proklear Automotive Waterless Dry Wash Products CRC SIO2 Waterless Wash Concentrate

CRC SIO2 Waterless Wash Concentrate

Proklear Ceramic SIO2 Waterless Concentrate makes 50 liters – 200 washes

  • Waterless cleaning that is efficient and safe. Increased shine and protection by Ceramic polymer. Infused with SIO2
  • Added Ceramic polymer for increased and long lasting shine with excellent water beading (Hydrophobic)
  • Formulated with ceramic polymers that can protect against dust, bird droppings and other environmental contaminants. Can be used on all non-porous surfaces such as exterior paint, plastics, rubber, glass, etc., except on fabric
  • The smooth paint surface will reduce contaminants to stick with HPAA (High Performance Active Agent) water will bead away dirt during rain
  • Easy to apply, economical dilutable 200 times add 2.5ml to 500ml of water. With soothing fragrance
  • Recommended for Ceramic coated vehicles

PROKLEAR RAW Xtreme CRC Rinseless Waterless Car Wash Concentrate with Ceramic and added active polymers for high shine and protection. PROKLEAR RAW Xtreme CRC uses just 500ml of water to clean, shine & protect a sedan sized car. It leaves a slick finish with high gloss and water repelling surface. PROKLEAR RAW Xtreme CRC is hyper concentrated can be diluted 1:200, one bottle concentrate makes 100 x 500ml ready to use sprays.