Odour Klear


PROKLEAR® OK Bad Odour Remover / Odor Eliminator
PROKLEAR® Odour Klear is a permanent bad odour remover for use inside cabins of all types of Automobiles. PROKLEAR® Odour Klear is a bio-technology based product.PROKLEAR® OK clears all types of bad odours permanently like Cigarette, Pet, Food, Sweat, Vomit, Milk, Urine smells.

  • PROKLEAR® OK is made using latest breakthrough molecular bond technology.
  • PROKLEAR® OK contains active agents which deactivate bad odour emitting molecules permanently.
  • PROKLEAR® OK is effective in removing odours of Cigarette, Garbage, Pet smell, Sweat, onions garlic etc.,.
  • PROKLEAR® OK neutralizes bad odour by permanent chemical bonding.
  • PROKLEAR® OK is water based, safe , non toxic and biodegradable.
  • PROKLEAR® OK can be used in cabins of all types of Automobiles.
  • PROKLEAR® OK is available with Lime, Rose and Cool Spring natural fragrances.
  • PROKLEAR® OK is economical, safe & green.