Proklear Automotive Waterless Dry Wash Products PROKLEAR Ceramic Foam Car Wash Shampoo FOAMCERAMIX 500 ml | for Ceramic Coated and Uncoated Vehicles | SiO2 Infused | Maintains Life of Coating for Ceramic/Graphene coated vehicles

PROKLEAR Ceramic Foam Car Wash Shampoo FOAMCERAMIX 500 ml | for Ceramic Coated and Uncoated Vehicles | SiO2 Infused | Maintains Life of Coating for Ceramic/Graphene coated vehicles

PROKLEAR FoamCeramix SiO2 Infused Automotive Shampoo: Elevating Car Care Standards
PROKLEAR FoamCeramix SiO2 Infused Automotive Shampoo is a game-changing car care solution. It generates ultra-thick snow foam using minimal product, ensuring high cost efficiency. Infused with SiO2 ceramic, it delivers a smooth, glossy finish while providing comprehensive cleaning, shining, and protective benefits. This shampoo extends the life of coatings and offers ceramic-like benefits even for uncoated vehicles, enhancing smoothness, slickness, and gloss. Its versatility spans all vehicle types, allowing for foam or bucket wash applications. It’s a cost-effective upgrade from regular shampoos, delivering superior ceramic excellence to elevate your vehicle’s appearance and protection.

  • Proklear FoamCeramix Car Shampoo is infused with SiO2, offering several benefits for car care
  • SiO2 technology ensures thorough cleaning, shining, and protection for your vehicle’s surface.
  • Can be used as a snow foam wash, providing a gentle and effective way to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from your car’s exterior.
  • Prolongs and maintains the effectiveness of ceramic and graphene coatings on your vehicle, extending the lifespan of these protective layers.
  • For uncoated vehicles, it imparts the benefits of ceramic coatings, such as slickness, softness, gloss, and a high-quality shine.
  • SiO2 infusion enhances water beading and hydrophobic properties, making it easier to maintain a clean and spot-free finish
  • The product’s foam application creates a thick lather that clings to the surface, ensuring even coverage and improved cleaning efficiency.
  • It helps to protect your car’s paint from UV rays and environmental contaminants, reducing the risk of oxidation and damage
  • Leaves a smooth and residue-free surface, making the car’s finish look showroom-ready. Suitable for all types of vehicles, from those with protective coatings to those without, making it versatile and practical for car enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Offers a convenient and effective way to care for your car, saving time and effort compared to traditional washing and protection methods.

Recommended dilution ratios:
Manual Foam Sprayer : 10ML Shampoo for 500ml of Water

Foam lance: 40ml Shampoo for 900ml of Water

Bucket wash: 15ml of Shampoo for 2 liters of Water

Proklear FoamCeramix SiO2 Infused Automotive Shampoo: Revolutionizing Car Care

Revolutionary Snow Foam Efficiency:

Cutting-edge formulation producing ultra-thick snow foam with minimal product quantity, ensuring remarkable cost-efficiency.

  • Manual foam sprayer: Only 10ml required for 500ml water. For foam lance: 40ml in 900ml water.

SiO2 Ceramic Infusion – Ultimate Finish:

  • Infused with SiO2 ceramic technology, delivering a transformative finish with a smooth, slick, hydrophobic and glossy appearance.
  • SiO2 ceramic infusion technology, creating a hydrophobic effect that promotes water beading on the vehicle’s surface.
  • Forms a protective layer, causing water to bead and roll off, reducing water spots and making drying the vehicle easier.
  • A comprehensive solution: Cleanses, shines, and provides long-lasting protection for your vehicle.

Hydrophobicity Enhancing Durability:

  • The hydrophobic nature of the shampoo enhances the vehicle’s durability by reducing the potential for water-related damage.
  • Provides added protection against environmental factors and waterborne contaminants.

Coating Durability and Unmatched Uncoated Benefits:

  • Prolongs the life of graphene and ceramic coatings, ensuring their resilience and effectiveness over time.
  • Uncoated vehicles benefit by experiencing ceramic-like qualities such as enhanced hydrophobicity, smoothness, slickness, and heightened gloss.

Comprehensive Cleaning and Protection:

  • Alongside its hydrophobic capabilities, the shampoo delivers thorough cleaning, shining, and protective qualities.
  • Offers a holistic solution for maintaining the vehicle’s appearance while safeguarding it from the elements.

Versatile Application Across All Vehicles:

  • Suitable for cars, bikes, scooters, and various vehicle types, ensuring a tailored approach to vehicle care.
  • Offers flexibility: Usable as a foam wash or in traditional bucket washing methods, catering to diverse cleaning preferences.

Economical Transition to Ceramic Excellence:

  • A cost-effective shift from regular shampoos to a superior ceramic solution, enhancing your car care routine with PROKLEAR FoamCeramix.
  • Elevate your vehicle’s shine, protection, and overall appearance economically without compromising quality or performance.