Raw Waterless Concentrate

PROKLEAR RAW Dilutable 100 times – Clean Shine
PROKLEAR RAW is a Waterless  Rinseless Car Wash Concentrate with World’s highest dilution ratio of 1:100. A sedan sized car can be cleaned and shined using just 500ml of water. The product is formulated with active agents to lift, emulsify dirt and lubricate. This product can be used to clean & shine.

  • PROKLEAR RAW is a one step clean, shine formula without rinsing. For Cars, Bikes, Scooters etc.,
  • PROKLEAR RAW saves water by using just 500ml of water to clean a sedan sized car.
  • PROKLEAR RAW can be safely used on paint,chrome,plastics, vinyl, rubber, tyre, glass, metal, wheels etc.
  • PROKLEAR RAW is recommended for daily use to clean interior & exterior of vehicles to maintain showroom shine.
  • PROKLEAR RAW recommended dilution ratio is 2ml to 5ml for 500ml water. Free from all abrasives, phosphates, bleach, solvent, petroleum, acids and any other harmful ingredients. pH Neutral. Product contents 250ml of Concentrate
Dilution Ratio


Rinseless Waterless Car Wash Concentrate

PROKLEAR RAW is a Rinseless Waterless Car Wash Concentrate. A sedan sized car can be cleaned with just 5ml to 10ml of the concentrate and 500ml water.The product contains active agents which lift dirt and grime from pores of the surface, encapsulates them and provides lubrication so that the dislodged dirt cannot redeposit or cause damage while cleaning. The product can be used to clean exterior and interior paint, plastics, Glass, vinyl, tyres, wheels, etc except fabric.
Proactive Rust Prevention:
In traditional washing of vehicles with water we are introducing water into places we cannot reach to dry where it could accelerate a pre-existing rust problem or formation of rust due to stagnant residue water. The proactive way to prevent future rust when it comes to cleaning is to use a waterless wash. Besides helping to prevent the formation of rust in areas we cannot see or reach, by using a waterless wash we can:
Save water.
Save time overall.
Protect water systems from pollution in the run-off.

PROKLEAR RAW Waterless Car Wash Concentrate – Clean & Shine

Introducing Proklear Raw Waterless Concentrate, a game-changing solution for quick and efficient vehicle cleaning. With its advanced formulation and cutting-edge features, Proklear Raw Waterless Concentrate offers a convenient and effective way to maintain a clean and shiny vehicle without the need for water.

1. Waterless Cleaning Power: Proklear Raw Waterless Concentrate is specially formulated to provide powerful cleaning action without the use of water. Its advanced formula lifts and encapsulates dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants, allowing you to effortlessly wipe them away with a microfiber cloth or towel. This waterless cleaning method not only saves water but also reduces the time and effort required to clean your vehicle.

2. Versatile Application: Proklear Raw Waterless Concentrate is suitable for use on all vehicle surfaces, including paintwork, glass, plastic, and metal. Whether you need to clean your car, motorcycle, RV, or boat, this versatile concentrate offers excellent performance on various vehicle types. It ensures consistent and outstanding results throughout your entire vehicle, making it a go-to solution for all your waterless cleaning needs.

3. Advanced Cleaning Technology: This waterless concentrate utilizes advanced cleaning technology to tackle even the toughest dirt and grime. The formula contains powerful cleaning agents that effectively break down and remove contaminants, leaving behind a spotless and glossy finish. It is designed to provide optimal cleaning results without compromising the integrity of your vehicle’s paint or finish.

4. Time-Saving and Convenient: Proklear Raw Waterless Concentrate simplifies your car cleaning routine by eliminating the need for water, buckets, or hoses. With its easy-to-use concentrate, you can quickly and conveniently clean your vehicle anytime, anywhere. Simply dilute the concentrate, spray it onto the surface, gently wipe away dirt, and buff to a brilliant shine. This time-saving solution allows you to maintain a clean vehicle effortlessly, even in situations where water is scarce or unavailable.

5. Care for Environment: Proklear Raw Waterless Concentrate is formulated with environmental sustainability in mind. By minimizing water usage, it helps conserve this valuable resource. Additionally, the concentrate is bio degradable and free from harsh chemicals, ensuring that it is safe for both your vehicle and the environment. Embrace a more ecology friendly approach to vehicle cleaning without compromising on performance.

6. Portable and On-the-Go Cleaning: The compact and portable nature of Proklear Raw Waterless Concentrate makes it perfect for on-the-go cleaning. Whether you’re on a road trip, at a car show, or simply want to keep your vehicle looking its best while traveling, this concentrate allows you to maintain cleanliness and shine without the need for access to water. It’s a convenient solution for busy individuals who want a clean and presentable vehicle wherever they go.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of waterless cleaning with Proklear Raw Waterless Concentrate. Its advanced formula, versatility, and ecology friendly attributes make it the ideal choice for maintaining a clean and shiny vehicle without water. Simplify your car cleaning routine and enjoy the convenience of waterless cleaning with Proklear Raw Waterless Concentrate..

 Rinseless Waterless Car Wash Concentrate 

  • PROKLEAR® RAW is made using latest breakthrough polymer nano technology.
  • PROKLEAR ® RAW contains active agents which act against dirt & grime and helps remove dirt & grime with less effort.
  • PROKLEAR® RAW is a one step clean and shine formula without rinsing.
  • PROKLEAR® RAW saves water by using just 500ml of water to clean a sedan sized car.
  • PROKLEAR® RAW uses spray of water instead of flooding which can result in rusting by residue water after washing.
  • PROKLEAR® RAW helps in maintaining showroom shine by removing dust buildup.
  • PROKLEAR® RAW creates an anti-static layer which helps in attracting less dirt.
  • PROKLEAR® RAW is environment friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • PROKLEAR® RAW can be safely used on paint, chrome, plastics, vinyl, rubber, tyre, glass, metal, wheels etc..
  • PROKLEAR® RAW can be used to clean & shine your vehicle anywhere either indoor, outdoor, winter , summer or on the road.
  • PROKLEAR® RAW is recommended for daily use to clean interior & exterior of vehicles to maintain showroom shine.
  • PROKLEAR® RAW can be used on all types of vehicles like Cars, Bikes, Boats, Aircrafts etc.,
  • PROKLEAR® RAW recommended dilution ratio is 5 to 10ml for 500ml water.
  • Available in 250ml, 1 litre, 5 litres & 25 litres packages