PROKLEAR NGS Nano Glass Sealant

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PROKLEAR Nano Glass Sealant Kit – Anti Glare Anti Rain Windshield Treatment
PROKLEAR NGS is a nano technology product, when applied to a windshield it creates a water repellent and glare reducing layer. A single application lasts for a year. The kit also includes glass polish and scratch remover.

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Anti Glare Anti Rain Windshield Repellent Nano Glass Sealant

PROKLEAR NGS is a German proprietary formulation for forming of a water repellent molecular bonded layer on glass which is abrasion resistant so that it can withstand daily use of cleaning agents, wiping, car wash and other chemical cleaning.It is also UV resistant so that it is not degraded by sunlight.

PROKLEAR NGS when applied on glass creates a molecular bond with the substrate and not like silicone or wax which is coated and wear off easily. The molecular bond ensures extended life of the layer.

PROKLEAR NGS makes glass water repellent. It makes water bead and slide away, prevents smearing during rain which will affect the visibility of the driver.In winter ice is easy to remove. During summer dirt is easy to wipe off ensuring a clear visibility.

PROKLEAR NGS Anti Glare property reduces glare caused by headlights of oncoming vehicles which lessens driver fatigue and ensures safety.

PROKLEAR NGS gives striking improvement of the visibility during wet, rainy and snowy conditions. Reduction of response time = shorter braking distance.

  • Easy to apply
  • Removes Road Film, Water marks, Light scratches, Wiper marks
  • Durable lasts longer upto a year
  • Resistant to normal car wash chemicals and wear from windscreen wipers
  • Economical, Environment Friendly
  • Creates an Invisible Molecular Bond not coating
  • Ultra Violet, Abrasion and Weather resistant layer
  • Beads water and resists oil and dirt
  • Improved visibilty in rain and night driving
  • Reduces Glare which lessens the blinding caused by headlights of oncoming vehicles
  • Easy cleaning of Windshield
  • Easy to remove insect splatter, bird droppings, ice, dirt


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